Have You Met Our Calming Therapy?

Have You Met Our Calming Therapy?

Today I would like to introduce you to Garage Hair Repair Studio’s newest treatment: Calming Therapy. If you see your hair as a hopeless case, you should consider this Calming Therapy as a saviour to build a healthy base again.  In our Calming Therapy there is a special mixture of proteins (also incl. keratin) which gives your hair its strength back. Actually this proteins already exist in your natural hair but disappear with various applications like coloring, highlights, blow dry etc. So your hair gets thinner and dry, also loses its shine. 

Calming Therapy takes only about 15-20 minutes and reinforced with Garage Organics hair care products turns into a real “energy bomb”! 

I advice this therapy before and after summer holidays. Especially after holidays to erase the damage sun and sea (also pool chemicals) did to your hair. I would also recommend this therapy to renew every 4 or 6 months. Because sometimes your hair gets weak due to diet or seasonal changes or too many applications or also wrong hair products. 

Calming Therapy doesn’t take as long as the popular “Brazilian treatments” or “Keratin Treatments” and it’s chemical compounds are much lower and way easier to apply. Calming Therapy does not claim to straighten your hair. But if you like to achieve the best version of your natural hair, this treatment might be just perfect for your!  

To find more about Calming Therapy and to get an appointment please reach us at 0212 2814444 or info@garagehairrepair.com  


Ahmet Coban 

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